Fugitive Slave Act 1850

     Senator Daniel Webster of Massachusetts and Senator Henry Clay of Kentucky both represented different views people held about slavery.  Both also wanted the Union to stay together, so they supported congressional compromise.

     The Fugitive State Law of 1850 which is written on the bat in Clay’s pocket required runaway slaves to be returned to their master. Also Webster is trying to take the bat from Clay while Clay is sick with tuberculosis.   Webster attempts to steal the bat from Clay because he fought to uphold the Fugitive Slave Act later that Clay worked to put into place.

      Clay introduced a bill to the Senate to prevent the Civil War.  The bill included the admission of California as a free state but gave the Utah and New Mexico territories popular sovereignty. It restricted the District of Columbia from the slave trade and created a stronger Fugitive Slave Act.  Texas would repay their debt their debt to the government if it got state borders.  Stephen Douglas helped pass these measures when he re-wrote them into separate bills because Clay fought tuberculosis.






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